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Good afternoon Broadwater County residents. After listening to the Governor's press conference, I want to let my citizens know how your public safety is going to continue to be there for your needs. 

With what is happening here in Broadwater County with the COVID-19 cases, I want to ask everyone to please follow the order and stay at home unless you have essential things to do. There is an enforcement component in this that I would hope we never have to discuss with anyone. So, be kind to your friends, family and neighbors by staying home as much as possible. Remember to keep your 6 foot spacing, no large crowds or gatherings, cover your mouth during coughs or sneezes and take care of yourself. This all starts right there. 

Your Sheriff's Office is still here to help, assist and to keep you and your property safe. Our Dispatchers are on the job 24/7/365 to answer your calls, answer your questions and send you help. Those dispatchers are working hard for you and doing a great job. The jail is open and those Detention Officers are working hard to keep themselves and the inmate population healthy and safe. I will remind folks, please lock your houses and vehicles all the time. We have folks that just want to take advantage of others even in times of crisis. Also, if you have an emergency that requires a deputy to respond and you have any symptoms, please let dispatch know so we can keep our first responders healthy and safe. We can't afford to loose any of our first responders if we can help it. To reduce our public exposure, some reports may have to be taken by phone but please understand that is a case by case basis. 

Just to keep people informed, deputies have been asked to use their discretion on who has to be arrested and taken to jail during this period of time. They have also been asked to respond to all calls, however limit the proactive services as to reduce the exposure. I am saying this as you might have wondered why you haven't seen the deputies out of their vehicles interacting with the community or making a lot of traffic stops. They are out there on the streets and roadways keeping you and your families safe. 

We are going to continue the current practice of no in person visiting for the jail, no public fingerprints, no concealed weapon permits and anything I have put out prior. I hope to get these services going again as it is safe for you and your Sheriff's Office staff. 

If you weren't able to watch the Governor's press conference, he has implemented a STAY HOME DIRECTIVE starting at 12:01 am on March 28, 2020 until April 10, 2020. I do not have the list of essential employees yet or the complete list of essential activities but hope to soon. So, please for the sake of the community, our state, our country, your family and friends, PLEASE follow this the best you can so we can get past it and get back to the new normal. 

THANK YOU for all your cooperation and thank you for all your support for ALL first responders. 

Sheriff Wynn M. Meehan

Crime Tip Hotline  406-266-3441 or submit via Email