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Mike Wenzel, Chaplain

 Mike Wenzel


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Eric Crusch, Chaplain 

Eric Crusch





  • The Chaplain may be called to assist law enforcement officers when there is an accident involving serious injury to provide comfort to the injured parties and their families.
  • The Chaplain shall minister to the family in any crisis situation that involves the law enforcement agency; whether bodily injury or other occasions, at the discretion of the officer/deputy in charge. He/she shall minister to both victims and members of their family in such a way as is meaningful at that time.
  • The Chaplain shall make death notifications, as requested by the law enforcement agency dispatcher (homicide, suicide, accidental or natural death): Messages should give particulars as to the person to be notified, such details as may be available surrounding the death, relationship to the person to be notified, and any instructions to be given to the person notified.
  • Death notifications shall be handled with great tact and delivered as quickly as possible. Generally, notification will be made in person, NOT BY PHONE. The Chaplain may render assistance in making funeral arrangements and notification of other relatives in the Placer County area.
  • The Chaplain may be asked to minister to the family of those who have committed suicide.
  • The Chaplain may be asked to become involved in domestic situations only when the department feels the Chaplain's services may be of help to the family involved and the law enforcement officers involved deem the situation to be safe.
  • The Chaplain may be asked to console and comfort the victims and relatives in event of community disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, or explosions.
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