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Detention Center


Donald Kynett, Transport Sergeant
Donald Kynett

 Transport Sergeant

Johnnie Spurlock, Detention Sergeant
Johnnie Spurlock

Jail Commander



It is the mission of the Broadwater County Detention Center to ensure the safety and security of Broadwater County by keeping offenders in custody, with the goal of returning better and more productive citizens upon release.  Our Detention Officers are trained to be professional at all times, as well as courteous and respectful. 



Our primary duty is to serve our community by providing a safe, secure facility where people are treated with dignity and respect and learn to be accountable for their actions. 

The Broadwater County Detention Center houses those charged and awaiting trial, those arrested on warrants, those serving sentences at the county Detention Center, those placed on holds by Parole and Probation, those sentenced to and awaiting beds in the state prison system or Community Corrections, those sentenced by Justice and District Courts in our county as well as others placed here on holds for other agencies.

The Detention Center can house subjects accused of all levels of charges. We are responsible for securely holding all of these individuals as well as providing a safe environment. Pretrial confinement is not for punishment purposes. It is merely to assure that the arrestee appears in court. Sentenced inmates, on the other hand, are here as punishment for their offense. It is the responsibility of the deputies and civilian staff to make productive use of the inmates time, but not to inflict further punishment upon them.

The Broadwater County Detention Center has 48 beds and we are often at full to overflow capacity.

If you would like to tour the facility, please feel free to call Jail Cmdr.Spurlock to make an appointment.

If you are wanting to put money on an inmate's account, you can go to and follow the prompts from there. You can also use the Kiosk in our lobby to make the deposit.

If you cannot make it to the Detention Center for visitation, you can do a video chat visitation at the website above

The only items that will be accepted at the lobby window is glasses or medication(with prior approval only)



A POD: Mon and Thurs 3pm-9pm / Saturday 2pm-8pm

B POD: Mon and Thurs 3pm-9pm / Saturday 2pm-8pm

C POD: Tue and Fri 3pm-9pm / Sunday 2pm-8pm

D POD: Tue and Fri 3pm-9pm / Sunday 2pm-8pm

Must provide a Valid Government issued photo ID such as Drivers License, ID card or passport. Employment ID's and photo copies of ID's will not be accepted. 




NO Undergarments or bathing suits can be visible

NO Tank tops

NO Low-cut, see through or otherwise revealing clothing

NO High-cut shorts/skirts

NO Clothing that looks like inmate clothing

NO Hats or caps of any kind

NO Clothing with offensive, suggestive or controversial logos/messages



*Any visitor who is intoxicated, disrespectful or acts unruly will not be permitted to visit and may be banned from further visits. 

Crime Tip Hotline  406-266-3441 or submit via Email